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HyLoSo Cyber partner's with HakDefNet a global leader in cyber security

With 43 percent of cyber attacks targeting small businesses data security is a top priority. At Hyper Local Solutions LLC we show small-to-mid market business (SMB) customers how to protect their data and simplify data control with security as a service, start with a free cyber risk assessment summary report:  

Cyber Security

HyLoSo Solar parner's with Q.Cells a global leader in solar energy

Coming soon HyLoSo Renewable Energy Group will delivered on and off grid solar solutions to homes across the world with our Solar in a box plug and play kits. For a complete solution, HyLoSo will provide the option of professional  installation through it's global authorized network of solar professional.

Solar Energy

HyLoSo TelCom Partner's with ATT-DirecTV to provide best in class TV experience 

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