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Best described as the services used to handle programming logic at any volume, data services have been the catalyst for a new renaissance of technology and information. At HyLoSo International, we incorporate the notion of complete data services; using the comprehensive outline of data collection -> learning from data-> data management, we provide both the knowledge of functionality at an abstracted level needed to give cognoscente advice to program management, as well as the accumulation of subject matter expertise in the programmatic operations.

Data Engineering (DE)
DE is the functional application of data aggregation and data analysis. In a world so heavily concerned with internet security, HyLoSo International applies security measures that would hold up to an attack from the collective computing power of Google for over 2,000 years. After the careful collection of the data, we judiciously validate it of mistakes, authenticate that the data does not have any anomalous datum that would negatively alter any future efforts, and then automate the storage and usage protocols in order to create secure access as needed.

Machine Learning (ML)
ML is commonly broken down into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, which are subsets respectively. At HyLoSo International we use Artificial Intelligence, or the human directed application of tasks considered smart, to automate processes within the techno sphere and keep security first and foremost. We then use Machine learning, which is the application of artificial intelligence to a level that provides systems the ability to learn and improve, for data analysis and investigation. Deep learning is brought in when needing to munge large datasets with no direct supervision in order to seek aspects of the data not previously thought of by our client’s human analyst counterparts.

Software Analytics
HyLoSo International excels at the process of reviewing, scrubbing, transforming and modeling data, using aforementioned expertise areas and beyond. Whether the end goal is discerning valuable information, advising and supporting decision-making at the highest-levels, or simple data wrangling with a need for mapped visualizations, we encompass the proper care and attention needed with data analytics, and have an immaculate record that lends credence to such.

Cloud-Based COTS

HyLoSo International implements installations of OpenCaseware – a highly configurable and versatile multi-user cloud based COTS Case Management System that can help organizations manage a wide variety of data management needs. As an authorized partner of Main Street Computing the OEM, that lets us deliver excellent value by letting our customers work directly with the software publisher, eliminating cost overruns and time delays from having to deal with an intermediary.

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Emilia Clarke
Juan Zapata
President of Stolkin International, Colombia
They listen to what you need and don't try and squeeze you into their model, this was really important to us as other partners wanted to re-architect everything so it would fit them better.
Emilia Clarke
Daniel Bendezu
Network Administrator - Embassy of Peru, Peru
They are proactive and clearly, the data center operations and security are world-class.
Emilia Clarke
Fernando H. Carmona
Administración - Organización de Estados Americanos, PERU
Friendly people and say when they don't know
Emilia Clarke
Charles Robinson
CEO of Computer Resource Company, USA
I liked having a Cisco expert install and configure the system. After the system was configured, he conducted brief training to give me an overview of the system and how to navigate.
Emilia Clarke
Kevin Chugh
CEO Main Street Computing
It is very easy to get help with anything we needed help with.